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Raising a Perfect Dog – The Importance of Routine

As much as humans hate routines, dogs love it. It gives them a sense of security knowing what comes next. We all remember that image of a loyal dog waiting each day at the same time for his dad at the bus stop. And when the dad has had an accident, the dog refuses to stop waiting at the bus stop. It’s a classic story.

It’s very important to set a routine from day one for your dog or puppy. This includes waking and sleeping times, feeding times, walking, playing and exercise times, resting times, alone time and family time.

They love to wake early and will go to bed each night at the same time if you train them to. They will hold their bladders if they know their next walk is around the corner. They will wait for that daily treat at 6 pm as soon as you get home like an excited child – hell even demand it from you. Dogs are creatures of habit and by the third day they will know what to expect and anticipate.

A set routine will also make them less anxious and more independent dogs with zero separation anxiety issues.

It’s important they have some alone time each day away from you to make them comfortable with themselves. This is especially important if you are likely to travel or be away from your pet a lot. You don’t want a scared, bored, crying baby that destroys things and won’t eat when you’re not around, do you?
Our lives can be chaotic and busy with different schedules and waking and sleeping times. Our dog companions are here to contribute to our sense of discipline and responsibility. So no matter how crazy your routine is, it’s important your fur baby has a set time for his/her needs.
Setting them a routine lets them know that you are around, or you’ll be back even when you are not around. They stay calm, relaxed and loving companions who are a pleasure to love and parent.

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