Dog 101 (FAQs) – Everything you want to ask your dog about but can’t

This is where we answer the most common questions prospective dog owners or pet parents might have. We cover things like puppy house breaking, discipline, teething phase, leaving your dog alone, etc Check it out and let us know what you think.

What’s the right age to bring home a puppy?

Not less than 2 months old. A puppy learns some important life skills from its mother during this time - apart from getting proper nutrition via mother's milk. Separating a puppy from its mother may lead to several issues including separation anxiety, crying, malnutrition, behavioral issues, trouble housebreaking etc

What are the things I need on day one with my puppy/dog?

First of all, you need lots of commitment and a visit to the vet. Then you will need a bed and/or crate, feeding bowls, collar/harness, leash, ID tag, grooming supplies, food, treats, nutritional supplements and some emergency medicine.

How long do dogs live?

Once you fall in love with them, they live on in our hearts forever but their lifespans vary with breed and size from 6 years to 25 years.

I've decided to get a dog, where should I look for one?

We hope you have answered our 7 questions before deciding to get a dog. If you passed the test, then your first option should be to adopt from a local shelter not shop. If not, please go to a reputed breeder in your area, never a backyard puppy mill or online classifieds.