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The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated.

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Our Story Our Team

We are a team of three who wanted a creative outlet that would combine all our passions in life. So, we decided to start a website and blog, To Forgive Is Canine, dedicated to two fluffy dog models, to celebrate our lives, along with sharing dog raising tips and secret recipes. We want this to be a place where dog lovers can find the inspiration for living well with their pets. It has been the perfect blend of design, photography and animals, which makes us very happy.



Sapna Dube

Founder & Editor

Sapna is an artist and devoted mom to - Mooshi the French Bulldog, Dr.Pompy the ShihTzu & Okja the Yorkshire Terrier. She is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

Sapna is a qualified psychologist and media studies major. She began her career with Times of India in 2001 and moved on to marketing and communication in 2005 before branching out into digital media in 2015. Her creative work has been featured in the Times Of India, Bangalore Mirror, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, New Indian Express and more. You can see her work here. In addition, Mooshi and Dr.Pompy have been featured in People Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine and more on multiple occassions.

INTERESTING FACT : She is currently writing a book on plant-based foods and this is her favorite project right now.

Sapna lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and three little nuggets, Mooshi, Dr.Pompy and Okja



Mooshi Dube

Vice President - Food & Beverage

Mooshi, also known as Moosh, Mooshoo, Mousey, Mooshloo and Mooshlingy; is our resident reviewer of all things dog. She’s never met a human, dog, toy or treat she didn’t like.

No more a puppy, she still acts like one – we like to think of her as a baby who is never going to grow up! Her favourite pastimes include short walks, long naps, warm cuddles, and chewy toys – but not necessarily in that order.

INTERESTING FACT : She'll do anything for love…and Peanut butter.

Mooshi was the inspiration behind the launch of To Forgive Is Canine and she continues to inspire us daily.


Dr. Pompy Dube

Director - Fashion & Entertainment

Dr Pompy, lovingly nicknamed Pooms, Pommy, Poopy, and Pimpy; is quite the character. Picture a whole lot of energy, love and spunk packed into one tiny, light, fluffy ball.

She might be the queen of the house and afternoon siestas, but really Pompy’s all about play. Seriously, give her a balloon or an empty cardboard box and watch her in action – totally crazy.

Other than plastic bottles and soft treats, her daily favorites include belly rubs, sounding an alarm for visitors, following her humans, and snacking on carrots.

INTERESTING FACT : As much as we hate to admit, Dr.Pompy likes to sneakily eat poop.

Pompy’s silly, loyal to a fault personality has made her quite the muse for her mum’s photography. Her favorite part? She gets paid in belly rubs.